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The Home Page of Andrew Gideon

Welcome to my Home Page (such as it is). I don't spend a lot of time on it, so I hope that you don't mind the rough quality. As you'll see below, I've many other things on which I spend time.

Warning: This page is even more out of date than it claims. You can read more about me at on Facebook for now.

A Panda!
A friend from San Diego

Professional Life

Primarily, I am a software developer. I've designed, developed, and released quite a diverse collection of systems over the years. They've ranged from low level communication mechanisms to work flow managers to data distribution mechanisms to several different "languages" to Financial Analytics...

I also provide training in a variety of topics, although primarily my students are (aspiring) programmers. I've trained people in C++, Java, Perl, SQL, OOA&D, and Korn shell programming. I've also trained people in ANSI C, which is pretty difficult for someone with a long history of C++ use.

I also train in topics more closely connected with the web, including HTML Authoring and CGI-compliant programming.

I am currently the Vice President of Technology for TAG Online. That means I am responsible for both day-to-day operations and ongoing development efforts. It is a lot of work, but I love every minute of it.

Amy looking as good as ever

I'm watching

Academic Life

Pretty much none, at this point. I've completed my MS/CS at NYU, and have decided that I can use a break. I've only recently managed to frame my diploma, and that only because my office needed the decoration.

My undergraduate degree is from the Moore School at the University of Pennsylvania. I attended High School at Commack High School North. I'm adding these because it might help someone figure out who I am, or am not. I've recently been located by someone from my old high school. The email dialog started with a query of the high school that I attended. So I'm adding this to save some future person(s) that one step.

Personal Life

I am working on expanding a startup business, and you expect me to have a personal life?

Well, actually I do. I'm stubborn that way. Of course, I originally wrote this text almost ten years ago. So perhaps startup no longer applies. That's a Good Thing, as my personal life has recently increased in complexity.

On August 27 (at 2:08am) 2002, I became Father to Alexander Scott Gideon. At six pounds and six ounces in all of eighteen inches, he arrived three weeks early and has shown no signs of slowing since. In his haste and eagerness to experience life I see his Mother.

On May 27, 2005, I did it again: Aidan Max Gideon. Photos will be posted eventually (before Aidan knows how to access this site, for certain!).

I'm also an instrument rated private pilot. No, I don't exactly own an airplane. I'm a member of a group of 45 pilots that own four different airplanes.

I passed my private pilot checkride on December 6 2000, and my instrument checkride on October 8, 2002. For those that don't realize: by taking the instrument checkride before December 31 2002, I avoided taking an additional test in December (a flight review). Think of it as: I placed out of the review.

It's very out of date, but you can see some of my aviation experiences here.

A number of years ago, my wife and I purchased a new house (front, back). We're almost unpacked from the move at this time. Still, there's a funny story to the house we bought.

When we first moved into this area (about 1988), we rented a place a few blocks from this new house. We often walked or biked from our rented home to a very large park nearby. The trip took us down a road which dead-ended at the wooded area of the part. Wouldn't it be nice, we said to each other, to own a house on this block?

Embarassingly, we didn't realize that we were seeing one when we first were shown this house by the real estate agent. But the house was terrific. We then looked around it, and found that we'd walked right into our daydream.

My lovely wife
The house is in the lovely town of Upper Montclair, which I highly recommend to those interested in a terrific lifestyle.

When people ask why I love this town so much, the answer that I give depends upon the mood that I'm in at the moment. The problem (such as it is) is that there are many reasons. These include:

  • We have our own Art Museum.
  • We have wonderful parks, spread all over town.
  • We are extremely well serviced by both Rail and Bus lines.
  • The people here are friendly.

I've been building an online photo album. Currently, it contains pictures of our lovely new kittens (and our older cats), photographs taken on our most recent Bali trip, references to other family photos, and - of course - photographs related to flying.

I hope that you enjoy seeing them as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Email can be addressed to me at
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